Course, Career counselling, Guidance Service with Psychometric Assessments

(Career Asssessments, Exploration & Counselling)

Class 8th - Class 10th Students

  • Identify stream and subjects after class 10th
  • Take PSA & find your interests
  • Explore world of career options
  • Meet Career counselor to get right career path

Class 11th & 12th Students

  • Find college & courses after class 12th
  • Do Career search & find career options
  • Career counselling with aptitude Tests
  • Meet Career Counselors, get career path

College Students

  • Employability profile with career path
  • Explore career options, do career search
  • Career counselling & create CV - Free!
  • Free aptitude test and career guidance

Career Changers

A set of tools and resources to help you in career planning and career change. We begin to take serious stock in finding career paths.
counselling tools
Identify Skills Gaps - Maximize your potential

Search career profiles with career videos detailing educational and experience requirements. Psychometric Career Assessments and Career counselling assists you in exploring the right career options and career path suitable to your knowledge, skills, abilities, interests, and aptitude.

Know yourself and get aligned with career & courses by our Career Guidance & Psychometric Career Assessments for Individuals, schools, and College students. Reveal your personality traits, interests, and Employability Profile. Our career search, career options, career guidance, career counselling, course after class 12th, stream after class 10th, and Psychometric Career Assessments helps in identifying a right career path with a profile of strengths, and development needs.

The career counselor evaluates the assessments results for you to indicate the desired career options and best career path. Our professional and industry experts career counselors provide best career guidance you on the various trainings and education essential to reach your desired goals. The career counselling services are available for school students, college students, job seekers, and individual trapped mid-way at different stages of their career.

Career Tests & Tools

Aptitude Test for UG/PG
Aptitude Test
Create interest profile, identify personality & match possible career options.
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PSA for Class 9th
Problem Solving
Test Critical Thinking, Decision Making, Problem Solving, and Communication.
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Interest Profile
Interest Profile
Identify and learn interest areas fit the needs of the career opportunities
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Knowledge Profile
Knowledge Profile
Competencies you need to develop in order to fit the needs.
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Employability Profile
Employability Profile
Determine the areas in which you might search for a job.
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Suitability Assessment
Find out your fitment for any of the 1000+ career options.

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PSA for Class 11th
Problem Solving
Test Critical Thinking, Decision Making, Problem Solving, and Communication.
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Skills Profile
Skills Profile
Profile of your strengths and weaknesses translate into career path.
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Abilities Profile
Abilities Profile
Identify the capabilities to perform the various tasks needed for a job.
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Resume / CV
Resume / CV
Communicate in a compelling and concise manner with qualifications.
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Eligibility Assessment?
An assessment that compares applicants to minimum job requirements.
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Course Choice for Class 12th
Course Choice
Course Match to Your Interest. Possible Career Paths Course Match Report
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Work Style Profile
Work Style
Plan your future with work-style based self-assessments and career discovery.
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Work Activity Profile
Work Activity
Match your activities with similar actions performed jointly in many different jobs.
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Course Options
Course Options
To build a foundation for further developing the users ability to achieve best career.
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Subject Choice for Class 10th
Subject Choice
Confused about which subject to take? Maths!! Science!! Commerce!! Arts!!.
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Work Values Profile
Work Values
Measure:Achievement, Recognition, Support, Relationships, and Independence.
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Career Ladder
Career Path
Help envision and plan your future with organised hierarchy of careers.
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Career Options
Career Options
Explore 1000+ Career profiles with video, educational and career path info.
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College Finder
College Option
Serach Engine finds colleges and universities just right for you.
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Career Exploration Program
scholl program

A career planning and exploration program that combines a multiple-aptitude test with an interest self-assessments and a wide range of career exploration tools including psychometric test & career counselling workshop.

And it is FREE to participating schools! BRING THE SKILLGAPFINDER TO YOUR SCHOOL: Fill out this request form and an Education & Guidance Services Specialist will contact you.

Customers Speak..

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Career Guides
Career Guide Ms. Chetna Sabharwal
M.A., B.Sc, B.Ed, Dip.CTE
A successful and dedicated counsellor and educator for last 17 years, she specializes in career counselling..
Career Guide Ms. Annu Tyagi
M.A. in Psychology
Organizational behavior and Positive Psychology. Student counseling for personality development.
Career Guide Mr. Manoj Srivastava
Over 28 years of experience in IT and Education industries, with a keen interest in Society Development Programmes.
Career Guide Mr. Ram Gupta
M.Sc(Psyc), CFP, PGD(WM)
Expert in Psychotherapy & Counselling. Over 20 yesr experience in Selling. 6 years in trg. and courseware dev. in Financial Planning.
Career Guide Meghna Bhagwati
M.Phil., L.L.B.
Counselling Psychologist and Career Counsellor
Career Guide Vivek Tyagi
B.Tech., M.B.A.
Management Consultant with cross industry exposure
Career Guide Dr. Rupa Talukdar
Ph.D(Chem), MS (Psy. Counseling)
A dynamic and results-oriented with proven years of experience in career-counseling. Providing people direction and advice.
Career Guide Mr. Praveen Khanna
B.Tech., M.B.A.
IT Expert
Career Guide Dr. Ritesh Srivastava
M.Com, M.B.A.(Finance) Ph.D
Professor in Finance. Has published papers in Accounting, finance and taxation.
Career Guide Mr. Sushil Saxena
Information Technology Expert. Have 25 years of Global Experience in disruptive technology.
Career Guide Ms. Sunita Saxena

Over 27 years experienced Educational and Vocational Counsellor helping students and working toward Women's Development.
Career Guide Dr. Sunil Kumar
Ph.D in Psychology
Papers: Role of personality and intelligence in coping with stress among young managers.
Career Guide Ms. Tina Khanna
M.Phil. in Psychology
Nutrition expert with 9+ years of experience in the field of wellness...
Career Guide Dr. Ratna Sharma
M. Phil., Ph.D., (Psy), PGDPC
An expert psychologist, providing Career guidance & counseling to school, college students.
Career Guide Dr. Kavita Gupta
BAMS, MBA, Dip(Yoga/Naturopathy)
Ayurvedic Doctor,lifestyle and Nutition Counselor with 9+ yrs of experience in field of life style diseases.
Career Guide Dr. Lovy Sarikwal
M.Phil. in Psychology
Authored books on Personality, Intelligence, Organizational behavior and Positive Psychology.
Career Guide Ms. Meenakshi Ahuja
M.A. in Psychology
School student counseling.
Career Guide Mr. Manoj Govind Purhohit
M.B.A., B.Sc., RHCE
He kept researching and sharing the secrets of his Effective Study Skills, Parenting and Parenting for Teenagers.

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