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Aptitude Test-11 & 12th Class Student

Aptitute One
right aptitude Evaluate your multiple aptitude in the area of General Science,       Word Knowledge, Mathematics Knowledge, Arithmetic Reasoning,       and Paragraph Comprehension.
Aptitute Two
right aptitude Identy your personal characteristics
right aptitude On analysis of your assessment result get suggested career cluster       and options for you.
Aptitute Three
right aptitude Identify your top interest and create Interest profile
correcticon Create personalized career report on-the-spot

Discover Potential - School Student
course selection
I was confused about the discipline to choose. Thanks skillgapfinder, I got right discipline suits me.

- Pooja, 12th Class

career and course stream
I am delighted to explore the career matching to my interest and identifying the right stream.

- Rajat, 11th Class

Interest Assessment
Based on my interest, skillgapfinder helps me to get right choice.

- Suruchi, 12th Class

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