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  • You will receive an accurate and reliable career profile of your skills
  • Takes you through 35 career-related skills areas and helps you in developing a profile of your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Translates your profile into career path recommendations
  • Provides a skylight to the whole world of work via the 900+ occupations
  • Personalized feedback, including an analysis of skill gaps compared to a career
  • Explore in-depth descriptions of matching occupations
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By Sunita Arora at 10:51 AM
I find this the most useful tool for young people seeking direction and looking for viable career[...]
By Anil Bhatia at 10:51 AM
This is an important and valuable approach to career assessment because identifying tasks that[...]
By Meena Mathur at 10:51 AM
I discovered that my top 3 strongest interests are; Social, Conventional and Artistic. My match[...]

Skills Profiler

Skills Profiler
Creating Value From Your Skills
Help envision and plan your future with self-assessment and career discovery tests.

The Skills Profiler assessment career tool is not an aptitude test. It isn't designed to measure your capability for learning like regular tests (e.g. the CAT or GMAT) that use a timed exam format. Rather, it is a self-assessment instrument created to assist individual in developing a sketch of their own skills. [...]


Career Skills
Reliability & Validity
The Skills Profiler career assessment takes you through 35 career-related skills (7 Skills Areas) and helps you in developing a career profile of your strengths and weaknesses. Your skills profile than translate into career path recommendations.

You can think of occupational skills as your career skills (also called talent) is the learned capability to take out pre-determined outcome often with the minimum cost of time and energy. Skills can often be divided into domain-general and domain-specific skills. Skills usually requires a certain ecological stimuli and state to assess the level of skill being shown and used.[...]

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