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  • Sixy-seven percent of the students who participated did so because of their interest in making appropriate post school career and educational plans.

  • Almost two-thirds of those students who participated say the SkillGapfinder Program helped them to consider careers they had not thought about before.

Career Connection Newsletter
Career Connection Newsletter
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Parents have great influence on their child's career decisions. They need you.

Photo: Mother and daughterParents watch, support, and take pride in their youngster efforts and accomplishments during their developmental years. As a parent, this awareness, together with your experiences in the career options, makes you a valuable resource to your sons and daughters as they decide what to do after completing school. The SkillGapfinder Career Exploration Program can help with this difficult decision.

Photo: Father and son in front of a computerThe SkillGapfinder Career Assessment, Exploration, and Counseling Program includes individual assessments covering skills, knowledge, abilities, interests, aptitude etc. It also provides career path guidance. The assessments scores serve as one of several pieces of information about your youngster that can aid in the exploration of a wide variety of educational and career options. The SkillGapfinder assessments are offered at a minimal subscription cost.

Photo: Daughter talking to mother and grandmotherStudents can use this website to explore career options and consider whether their skills, as measured by the aptitude, interests, and assessment profiles as measured by the Career Tools, are comparable to the demands of careers that appeal to them. Research has shown that students who participate in the SkillGapfinder Program experience less career indecision, enjoy greater confidence in making career decisions, and consider more thoughtfully their options than do students who do not participate in the SkillGapfinder Program.

We encourage you to participate in exploring educational and career options with your youngster.


  • Encourage your youngster to take the SkillGapfinder assessments and Find Their Interests, if he or she has not already done so, and then review the results together.

  • Share any experiences you've had with career planning and pay attention to what your youngster has to say about his or her interests, skills, knowledge and values.

  • Encourage your teen to explore several occupations.

  • Either explore potential careers on the Internet together or review the results of the search together.

  • Support your youngster to discover all kinds of educational opportunities and discuss the pros and cons of the different options.

  • Encourage practical learning opportunities to further explore a given career option.

  • Suggest a meeting with someone employed in the chosen career.

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