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Photo: Teacher talking to students The SkillGapfinder Career Assessment, Exploration, and counselling Program offers many tools that Educators and Counselors can use to help students make important decisions about their future.

Career Connection Newsletter
Career Connection Newsletter
Image: Educator talking to students
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While many school and college students are confident about their futures and their career choices, many others may need help and support as they make these significant life transitions.

For many youngsters, the outlook of embarking on a career, at times, can be discouraging. Since students probably are aware of the current realities of the career world, they may question what the future holds for them. We have endeavored to produce career assessment, exploration and planning tools that are future-oriented and empowering to all students. We have emphasized the significance of planning and decision making, believing these skills will serve students not only in realizing their post-educational goals and subsequent career transitions, but also in other areas of their lives.

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