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Problem Solving (PSA) - 9th Class

Aptitute One
right aptitude The items will incorporate aspects of 21 Century Skills (Creative       Thinking, Decision Making, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and       Communication) that leads to success at Secondary Stage.
Aptitute Two
right aptitude Able to assess student's ability to process, interpret and use       information.
right aptitude The Assessment contain items that assess written expression,       including grammar and usage, vocabulary in context and       passage-completion.
Aptitute Three
right aptitude The test items so designed that also help in improving scores within       the core school subjects as the Problem Solving Assessment test       items are designed to improve generic and higher order thinking       skills. The items are able to assess students ability.

Discover Potential - School Student
subject after 10th
My father asked me to take the career assessment and this turned out to be best gift. Thank you Papa.

- Asif, 8th Class

career guidance
I was confused. Career Guide give me the right direction. Assessment reports delighted me a lot.

- Monica, 10th Class

career options
Interest Profiler and career exploration tools helped me a lot to choose the right career path.

- Sanjay, 9th Class

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