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Your career assessments tools

Create your profile - CVResume/ CV
Help you communicate in a compelling and concise manner

CV brings together into a single CV framework for the transparency of diplomas, certificates and competences. Helping individuals to better communicate and present their qualifications and skills...
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Find occupations matching with your knowledgeKnowledge Assessment
Creating Value From Knowledge

The Knowledge assessment helps you find out what your Knowledge are and how they relate to the world of work. It does this by asking you to answer questions that represent relevant Knowledge. Knowing your work Knowledge can help you decide what kinds of jobs and careers you want to explore...
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My Skill Psychometric Assessment is more than an Aptitude testSkill Assessment
Creating Value From Skills

The Skills Psychometric assessment is not an aptitude test. It isn't designed to measure your capacity for learning like popular standardized tests (e.g. the SAT or ACT) that use a timed quiz format. Rather, it is a self-assessment instrument created to assist people in developing a profile of their own skills...
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What is your capacity? Get assessed today with Ability AssessmentAbility Career Assessment
Creating Value From Your Abilities

Ability reflects a person’s existing capacity to perform the various tasks needed for a given job and includes both relevant knowledge and skills. Aptitude represents a person’s capability of learning something...
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RIASEC Inventory gives individuals a fast and informative way to explore occupations based on their interests.Interest Profiler
Match your dream career with your interest profiler - a free test

The Interest Profiler is a vocational interest assessment instrument administered online. It help you to discover the type of work activities and occupations that you would like and find exciting. You will identify and learn about broad interest areas most relevant to yourself...
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Match career with work activity psychometric assessmentWork-activity Profiler
Creating value from your work-activities

A work activity is a set of similar actions that are performed together in many different jobs. You will be asked about a series of different work activities and how they relate to your current job - that is, the job you hold now...
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Find career aligned with your work styleWork-style Assessment
Match Your Dream Job With Your Work-styles

A Work Style is a personal characteristic that can affect how well someone does a job. You will be asked about a series of different work styles and how they relate to your current job – that is, the job you hold now...
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work-valuesWork-values Assessment
Discover your work-values

Enduring characteristics such as work values, that might influence both a worker's performance and the capacity to acquire knowledge and skills required for effective work performance.
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Career PathCareer Ladder
Let reach on top of the career

A career ladder/lattice that is an accurate and comprehensive representation of the jobs that comprise a career and how employees/individual move throughout a career in an industry. Career ladders/lattices are excellent resources for students, employees and human resource professionals...
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Search Suitable career with self career counselingEducation, Training, Experience Profiler
Find suitable career matching to your Education, Training and Experience

Every career has their specific requirement of education, training and experience. Explore your dream career matching with these requirements...
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Identify your competencies, leadership qualities with employability profileMy Employability Profile
Identify your strengths & weaknesses

Determine the areas in which you might search for a job.
"To be employed is to be at risk, to be employable is to be secure"
....Peter Hawkins  Read more..
Identify your skills, abilities, knowledge and then find gapsCareer Analytics:KSA
Analyze your gaps in Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Assess your knowledge, skills and abilities -> Compare with a career -> Find gaps -> Learn ...
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About Us

The Team

Founder & President  
Poonam Saxena Poonam Saxena
Master degree in Cognitive Psychology

Poonam completed her bachelor degrees in Bio Science at Jiwaji University in India. She received her M.A. in cognitive psychology. Her research examines the experience of engagement, or immersion in a present activity, and moderators of the relationship between effort and engagement.

Dr. Sunil Kumar Dr. Sunil Kumar
Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology, 2008 JNV University, Jodhpur, India

He is a gold medallist in M.A. and M.Phil. in Psychology. One of the recent paper published: Role of personality and intelligence in coping with stress among young managers. He has authored two books one on Personality, Intelligence and Correlates from LAMBERT Academic Publishing, Germany, Organizational behavior and Positive Psychology. Dr. Kumar’s research interests focuses mainly on Personality, Emotional Intelligence, Human Intelligence, Positive Psychology, Stress and its coping, Organizational Behavior, Human Resource Management etc.

Dr. Shikha Mukerjee Dr. Shikha Mukerjee
D.ed(U.K.), M.ed(U.K.), Adv. Dip TESL/TEFL(U.K.), Dip. TESOL (U.K.)

Chirman & Managing Director, British International Ace Education Group.

Corporates Team  
Dr. Shikha Sharma Dr. Shikha Sharma
MBBS, Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi, India

Dr. Shikha Sharma, worked in the Department of Cardiology as a Junior Resident in G.B. Pant Hospital. It was there that the desire to work in Preventive Medicine emerged. She worked with a weight loss clinic where she learned the practical aspects of weight loss programme. She writes for National Dailies like Hindustan Times, The Times of India Indian Express, India today, Femina and Cosmopolitan, to name a few.

Dr. Shikha Sharma Manoj Srivastava
Engineering from Delhi College of Engineering, India

Manoj Srivastava has over 28 years of experience in IT/Software Development and Education industries, with a keen interest in Society Development Programmes. He has been instrumental in setting up, and developing and driving strategic plans for development centers in Delhi-NCR and marketing/support centers in various countries, including the US, UK, Australia, Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong. He has been instrumental in setting up 35 K-12 schools across the country and a premium private university as well.

Technical Team  
Sushil Kumar Sushil Kumar - (Information Technology Advisor - Consultant)
Master of Science (Maths with computer), PMP, OCP, SCSA, MCSE, CCNA

Sushil focuses on helping his clients streamline business processes and solving business problems while enhancing the productivity of it’s developers by combining modern, iterative software engineering methodologies with the capabilities of the Microsoft & Open Source (Java/LAMP) platform to help close the value gap. Now Sushil Saxena is having a career spanning over 25 years of Global Experience in disruptive technology in business processes and solving business problems. Sushil Saxena headed Microsoft CoE, Java and Application Development Services.

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