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Knowledge Profiler

knowledge assessment
Creating Value From Your Knowledge
A simple online self assessment career test assists you in planning for the best career.

Most evaluation processes tell what you have in you to choose a career, our unique Knowledge Profiler assessment will empower you with detailed career information and help you identify the competencies you need to develop in order to fit the needs of the best career you desire to choose.

Experts describe Knowledge as an individual's ability to comprehend a problem or the understanding of facts that will help in resolving issues that can be part of a particular job role. By responding to questions around nine critical knowledge areas, you can know your knowledge quotient, and plug gaps in your knowledge base for the career opportunities you are exploring.

Keeping in view that each day is a new experience that adds on to your knowledge deposit, the knowledge profiler helps you test your knowledge score multiple times and for different career options.


assessment methodology
Reliability & Validity

The knowledge profiler is a comprehensive assessment tool meticulously designed around 31 parameters describing each job expertise and skill requirement. The occupational knowledge requirement goes beyond theoretical understanding of a subject and involves dealing with issues of work life.

Your knowledge score is analysed against the capabilities required for the job. The score is matched against over 900 occupations to arrive at suitable career options in the order of highest compatibility.

The quantitative result of the assessment test gives you idea about what skills you have and the ones you need to sharpen. How? Our Counsellors are the best guides to answer this.

  • Know-how, and skills acquired by an individual from experience or education;
  • Knowing of a subject either through theory or practical in a particular field;
  • Detailed essentials and information; or familiarity gained by experience of a fact or situation.
Assessment + e-Counseling
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