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Career Ladder / Path

career path
Let reach on top of the career
Help envision and plan your future with organised hierarchy of careers path in a functional domain.

A career ladder or path which is an accurate and comprehensive representation of the jobs, comprise a career and how individual move upward to reach highest career potions in an industry. Career ladders are excellent resources to get to know the career information and its path for students, employees and human resource professionals. [...]


career path
Reliability & Validity
Data for over 3.5 lac workers was analyzed over a 6 year period. Each worker's job was compared to the subsequent quarter and for each instance when the worker's job changed, the combination of the prior and successive job was counted as an occupational transition.

If a worker made the same career-to-career transition more than once, only the first instance was counted. The basic method was to compare movement to and from a pair of careers. When there was a significant number of a transition between two careers; and very little movement in the opposite direction, the pair of career had a high chance of a career ladder relationship and was considered for insertions.[...]

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