(Career Asssessments, Exploration & Counselling)

Individual Career counselling & Career Guidance

SkillGapfinder counsellors and industry expert are available to meet students and young people for one-to-one tele-counselling sessions. The details are as follows:

The process:
The career counsellors meet the clients telephonically /video-chat on an one-to-one basis. In line with the SkillGapfinder approach to career counselling, the individual sessions are focused on four career development tasks namely Self Understanding, Understanding the World of Work, Developing Career Alternatives and Career Preparation.

The session starts with time for inputs from parents regarding the client's academic background, hobbies, accomplishments and other personality variables. During the career guidance, the rest of the time is devoted to interactions with the client.

Career counselling and Career Guidance
Qualitative and quantitative information about the client is collected around the Multiple Assessments Tools using standardised aptitude tests, interest inventories and interviews. Information about client's hobbies, accomplishments is also elicited. A potential profile is generated using a system of weightages.

The client is then exposed to the world of work options through assessment activities and career dictionaries including videos. Based on assessment and career exploration inputs, the client and our career counselor together arrive at 4 to 6 ranked ordered Career Alternatives.

A career path is finally gets identified, and planned for the Career Options best fit to the client.

The interaction ends with an optional counselling with parents at which time the client's potential profile and career options are explained.

Career Report:
The outcome of a Career counselling is a detailed Careers Report that provides information about the client's profile, career alternatives and useful addresses for further education is prepared and posted to the client.
All career counselling session with an individual are held on the basis of prior appointments. Individual can book an appointment for Career Guidance / counselling online or call us at +91-8860496851 or Contact Us for further information.
Success stories
best career counselling
My father asked me to take the career assessment and this turned out to be best gift. Thank you Papa.

- Asif, Class 8th

tele career counselling
I was confused. Career Guide give me the right direction. Assessment reports delighted me a lot.

- Monica, Class 10th

professional career counselling
Interest Profiler and career exploration tools helped me a lot to choose the right career path.

- Sanjay, Class 9th

Assessment + e-counselling
  • 30 Minutes Telephonic counselling
  • Unlimited Online and PDF Reports
  • 7 Career Assessments
  • Employability Profile
  • Online PDF Resume / CV
  • Career Ladder : A career tool
  • Aptitude & Interest Career Reports
  • One Year Online Career Tools access
  • Money Back Guarantee !!
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