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Course Choice - College Student

Aptitute One
right aptitude Explore more than 1100+ Courses and get awarreness of each one.       Find the admission requiement and prospective career aligned with       the course.
Aptitute Two
right aptitude Identify the Course Disciplines that will match your interest and       aptitude.
right aptitude Identify and align your matching course with the target career.
Aptitute Three
right aptitude Explore matching occupation with the possible Career Paths.
correcticon Get on the spot Course Discipline detailed Report.

Assess yourself - College Students
Job Options
I was worried about my employability. Thanks SkillGapfinder, identifying my functional employability profile.

- Gaurav, B.Tech

Career Options
I want to get into Nursing career, I got the right career path and identified my skillgaps for nursing roles.

- Jayanti, B.Sc.

college graduate
After taking interest and skill profile assessment, I found skill gaps to become top IT executive.

- Neha, BCA

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