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Career Potential Introduction - Maximize potential!
If you're a 8th, 9th, or 10th student already thinking ahead to [...]
Career exploration A Time of Exploring
The 8th, 9th and 10th class are a great time to begin exploring. [...]
Course Planning Course-Stream Planning
Course-Stream Selector and PSA Tests help students in making [...]
Training Technical/ Industrial Training
If college is not in your interest and you would like to hands-on on [...]
Planning Career Planning
It's never too early to start thinking about a career. [...]
career counselling Career Counselling
Which course? which career? get advice from expert. [...]

Maximize your potential!
If you're a 8th, 9th, and 10th student already thinking ahead to college and career, then bravo! Good for you! Outstanding! You're well on your way to success already. Most students wait too long and never adequately plan out their educational and career goals.
You've beaten the odds already by just being here and investigating your options. The next step is for you to lay out an academic path that best compliments who you are and best prepares you for what you want to be.

You can take control of future success today by simply deciding to make it your plan.

A Time for Exploring
Great Time!
The 8th, 9th and 10th class are a great time to begin exploring. Start by learning about what interests you. Make it a point to start taking lots of different courses so that you can explore the various subjects that might one day lead to a career.
Pay attention to what subjects you like the most and which ones you're good at. Try lots of extracurricular - they'll not only help you expand the scope of your exploration into different activities, but they'll also help you in building up a personal portfolio for future major subject in 12th and then college applications.

Finally, this is a great time for you to begin taking career assessment tests. These assessments help you understand what careers best match based on your interests and aptitude.

Course-Stream Planning
Course-Stream Selector
can be taken in class X to know the students preference for subjects after class X. However, it should be taken only as an indicator or a facilitator.
This assessment assists parents, teachers and students to explore and discuss on subject choices matching and most important to careers in front of life. The outcome of course-stream selector taken together with the student's SkillGapfinder Career Assessments like interest profile will eventually helps students and parents in deciding well-versed choices.

Intellectual preparedness and truthful responses are the prerequisites for this test. Assessment scores may depend upon student's environmental stimulus and motivation level.

Take SkillGapfinder Course-Stream Assessment

Course-Stream Assessment is a battery of Aptitude Tests which also combines Interest profile of a student. This coincides with the onset of adolescence and beginning of career concepts. It is therefore crucial to give a road map to the child which is realistic and favorable. Course-Stream assessment is aimed to empower a child with "self knowledge" in terms of the Aptitude and Interest, to enable the child in making informed subjects choices.

Students cant take this test either online or using paper and pencil , which requires approximately 1 - 1/2 hours. The assessment broadly indicates:

  • Strength & Weekness in the subjects
  • Priority based subject/stream selection after 10th class

Problem Solving Assessment (PSA)
can be taken in class IX.
The items will incorporate aspects of 21 Century Skills (Creative Thinking, Decision Making, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Communication) that leads to success at Secondary Stage. They should be able to assess student's ability to process, interpret and use information rather than assess student's prior subject matter knowledge. The Assessment contain items that assess written expression, including grammar and usage, vocabulary in context and passage-completion. The test items so designed that also help in improving scores within the core school subjects as the Problem Solving Assessment test items are designed to improve generic and higher order thinking skills. The items are able to assess students ability.

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Technical/ Industrial Training
Get hands-on on skills
If college is not in your interest and you would like to hands-on on technical or industrial training institute, get understanding their admissions requirements will help give you technical direction and practical goals for the next few years.
Explore Institute. Technical/ Industrial Training Institute & Academic College Database offers profiles on over 4000 colleges and institutes in India. You can search for schools by name, browse by category, or even use the query tool to create a customized search based on dozens of specific criteria.

Career Planning
Plan your future with self-assessment and career discovery tests
It's never too early to start thinking about a career. At the very least, you should begin exploring different occupations so that you get a sense for what interests you. This will allow you to plan out your coursework according or simply give you ideas for classes you might want to take just to explore potential interests. Below, you will find an introduction to just some of the career-related resources available to you on our site.
Take a career assessment test. We provides online career assessments which are professionally developed to match your aptitude and interests to our careers database. A detailed report is generated after each assessment. Explor the matching career option based on our unique OccuMatchTM system and get rank-ordered more than 900 different careers options!

Linking core subjects to career exploration. Acquire a basic understanding of the importance of English, math, and science skills to an array of careers.

Read through career profiles. Each career in our database has a detailed, multiple-page profile that includes a job description, job requirements, college/training center and forums for user discussion. Most career profiles even have brief videos that provide quick introductions to each career! We have a database of over 900 different careers that you can search or browse through.

Discover Potential - School Student
subject after 10th
My father asked me to take the career assessment and this turned out to be best gift. Thank you Papa.

- Asif, Class 8th

career guidance
I was confused. Career Guide give me the right direction. Assessment reports delighted me a lot.

- Monica, Class 10th

career options
Interest Profiler and career exploration tools helped me a lot to choose the right career path.

- Sanjay, Class 9th

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