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Work-values Profiler

Discover Dream Job With Matching Your Work-values.
Help envision and plan your future with self-assessment and career discovery tests.

Long-term characteristics such as work values, that might weight both a worker's performance and the capability to obtain knowledge and skills required for valuable work performance. Work-value profiler assessment helps you match your work-values score multiple items and for different career options. [...]


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Reliability & Validity
The specific work characteristics that are important to individuals includes: security, variety, responsibility, and creativity are taken into consideration while measuring the assessment. The Work Values Assessment test directs individuals to responds statements describing specific needs into five levels of importance. Each of the needs matches up to one of the six work values the instrument was designed to measure: Achievement, Working Conditions, Recognition, Relationships, Support, and Independence.

Your work values assessment score is analysed against the desired career profile. The score is matched against over 900+ career options and rank-ordering career matches. Outcome provide a skylight to over best occupations.[...]

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